About us

Our Great Team

We are a group of professionals and experts in our respective fields. Our team is made up of anthropologists, historians, human geographers, psychologists, sociologists, and agronomists.

Jorge YepesManager

Jorge is Colombian anthropologist from the University of Antioquia.He is a specialist in the management of social services. Jorge has experience of over 25 years working with indigenous, Afro-descendent, and peasant communities in Colombia and Costa Rica, in areas of conflict and social complexity. He has worked in non-governmental organizations, Colombian governmental organizations, and corporate foundations. In addition, Jorge's work has been focus on various formal and non-formal educational programs, community development, environmental programs, and human rights, which support the creation and the strengthening of social and community organizations in these two countries. He has also been a university professor for a long time.

Maria Yolima GomezManager

Anthropologist from University of Antioquia, Diploma in Planning for Cultural Development. Maria has significant experience in working with indigenous, Afro-descendent and peasant communities in Colombia. She is a leader in working with women who have been victims of violence in conflict zones. She has worked promoting respect for women's rights. Her work has been in government agencies especially in women's leadership programs for Democracy, Peace and Social Development.



Programs Coordinator. Bachelor's Degree in Political Science from University of Maryland Baltimore County. Master's Degree, International Administration of University of Miami. Master's Degree, Latin American and Caribbean Studies from Florida International University. Committed to human rights and social justice with non-profit and academic background in both Latin American and Caribbean Studies and International Administration. Possess international volunteer service and educational experience throughout the Latin American and Caribbean region. Extensive experience providing vocational training to South Florida refugee, international student, and business professional community.


Dennika is a Minnesotan Indigenous woman, artist, student, and leader at the Florida International University. She has volunteered in various humanitarian missions in Colombia, Haiti, Puerto Rico and South Florida and has also participated in various social research. Her work has been emphasized in indigenous communities in North America, and African descendants in North, Central and South America. She is a consultant for the environmental organization called LOVE THE EVERGLADES, which works for the improvement and protection of this important ecosystem.


Juris Doctor from New York Law School. Public Administration of New York University. Bachelor of Arts from the City University of New York. Milton is a great leader and representative of the Haitian people in the United States. He is an editor of the newspaper, Haiti Progress, which is published in four different languages for several countries in the Americas and Africa. Milton has dedicated his career to the education and defense of Afro population's rights in the world.



Associate of Arts, Humanities from Valencia Community College. Bachelors of Arts and Sciences, Humanities fromUniversity of South Florida. Master's Degree, Latin American and Caribbean Studies from Florida International University. She has studied and learned about different cultures and has been studying in the field of Humanities and Cultural Studies for almost 10 years.


Historian. Professor in Religious Studies at Florida International University. Ph.D., Latin American History & History of Religions Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium. Ph.D., Religion Program of Catholic University of Louvain. Christianity in Latin America, Women in Latin American Religions, History of Religion in Latin America. She studied history in Uruguay and Belgium, where she earned her, Ph.D. with great distinction. She developed her academic career in Colombia, where she lived and taught for more than 20 years. Also, Ana Maria founded the History Department at the University of Los Andes and opened the field of Religious Studies.


Graduated in anthropology within the Global & Sociocultural Studies Department at Florida International University. Graduate certificates in Africa& African Diaspora Studies and Latin American & Caribbean Studies. Graduate Fellow with the Smithsonian's Latino Museum Studies Program.Corina is cultural anthropologistwhose research interests are anthropology of space and place, race/racism and public space, urban anthropology, Latin America, the U.S., and heritage.


Miccosukee Indian leader, who works for the protection of the environment, especially the Everglades. Secondary Education: Degree in English from University of Miami, and Film & Digital Production from Miami International University of Art and Design. Houston was a Miccosukee Indian Gaming, and now, he is a volunteer member of the coordination circle at Love the Everglades Movement. He is an executive producer, director, and writer at Miccosukee Magazine TV. This Miccosukee magazine television program is concerned with culture, history, and environment, and also tells the story of the Miccosukee Tribe in South Florida from yesterday, today, and tomorrow.