Our great team

We have our main principles: respect for life , human dignity , and diversity. We strongly believe in The possibility of giving support to many people and organizations that are being excluded from their basic rights

Respect for "others".

With no distinction of races, political or religious view, economic and/or education condition. All human beings have dignity and should be included equally in all the politics, plans, programs, and projects that take place in their communities, regions, and countries.


We express our solidarity in the difficulties and problems that face the most vulnerable groups of people, and we work to help them achieve by themselves their autonomy, organization, and development, with governmental and nongovernmental assistance.


We understand equity as the equality of rights from the differences inherited in every human being. That is why our motto is "Inclusion without borders for humanity".


We are responsible in our work and in the management of the internal and external resources, which we consider inviolable and that must be used exclusively for achieving the objectives and goals in our programs.